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Dabmar Manufacturing has been a world leader in industrial screening machines for sorting, sizing, and conveying material for close to 50 years. Established by inventor Otto Martin. Mr. Martin brought unique innovation and engineering to develop and manufacture of the Resonance Screening System. This system with it's "Balanced Mass Design" still leads the industry as one of most effective and energy efficient machines on the market. Today Josef Martin, son of Otto Martin heads the Dabmar corporation. As CEO, Josef Martin delivers the same quality products and outstanding service that Dabmar has build it’s reputation on. But not willing to rest of the laurels of the past, Mr. Josef Martin also brings his own passion for technology & innovation that would make Otto proud.

The innovation continued at Dabmar with the Bivitec system, a machine that truly is a 100% non-blinding system. This system redefined the processing of wet, sticky and difficult to screen materials. Dabmar also pioneered a Easy Change System allowing screen mats to be changed within minutes as they slide and snap perfectly into place.

The Dabmar Manufacturing Facility is located on the same piece of land it was founded on, in Hattingspruit, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa. Here the plant is located on a large beautiful parcel of natural land, and is a dramatic contrast to a typical factory setting. Dabmar is proud to have a positve enconomic impact on the rual area of So Africa and to provided a steady income and comfortable living to multigenerations of workers in the local community. 

Dabmar welcomes you, to come see our facility and experience warmth of South African hospitality.