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The Bivitec System is the perfect solution for hard to screen materials such as damp, critically wet, or sticky materials. This innovative absolute non-blinding system utilizes polyurethane mats to screen the material. These flexible mats alternate between cradling the material while slack and sharply snapping the material vigorously in the air. This unique action creates up to 30g of acceleration that 1) keeps the apertures from blinding or pegging, 2) creates higher amplitudes and greater stratification of the material, 3) is Highly Effective for de-watering material 4) is Highly Effective for washing material.

When dying of material is important: Bivitec can provide 300-400% more de-watering of material. First the material is mechanically separated from the moisture by the average 4g acceleration on the Bivitec deck, then the moisture is dried further through evaporation as high stratification allow air to flow around each discrete particle. For gravel or diamond concentrates Bivitec effectively reduces moisture contents down to 2%, where a conventional screen would only achieve 6-8% ,resulting in a 300% plus improvement in efficiency and huge cost saving should it be necessary to utilize thermal energy to complete the drying process.

The Bivitec system also lends it’s self to numerous washing applications The same principals of high acceleration, amplitude and stratification allow the separation of contaminants with considerable less water pressure and volume. Again providing a better product at lower more efficient cost of operation.

The polyurethane screening mats utilized in the Bivitec System are long lasting due to the higher amplitude utilized in the processing, there is actually less contact and therefore less wear on the screen surfaces. As needed they can quickly be resized or replace with the Dabmar’s Easy Change System.