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Dabmar Resonance Screens


The Dabmar Resonance Screening Machine revolutionized the way we look at vibrating screens rather than a single screen that is forceably vibrated by a large motor, the Resonance Screen works on a Balanced Mass Design with the upper and lower decks moving in equal and opposite directions. The movements and forces cancel each other out, keeping the machine’s center of mass effectively stationary. This eliminates almost all vibration to the supporting structure, as illustrated by a glass of water sitting calmly on top the machine’s bushing as it continues to runs at full speed. The Dabmar Resonance Screen is installed on a rubber footings and does not need to be bolted down to a heavy structure as is common with a conventional system.

The two decks are connected by a series of rubber bushings that both flex to absorb the vibration but also capture the kinetic energy like a spring being compressed. That kinetic energy is then given back to the system as the decks finish each revolution of it’s the cycle. The true beauty of this kinetic system is that it requires very little additional energy to continue. A 2 meter by 8 meter conventional screen would typically require a 37-45kW motor. The Dabmar Resonance Screen of the same size would only need a 22kW motor to run a 15 ton machine, and it’s operating two decks. This saves not only power consumption but also the required switch gear needed to run the entire plant. 

The Dabmar screens are 90% effective and provide a higher amplitude or stroke than a conventional system. This means higher productivity, less waste, and less time and energy spent on rescreening material. Because of it’s high efficiency The Dabmar Resonance Screen accomplishes the same productivity with a smaller machine size. This leads to a huge savings in shipping, installation, housing, heating and ventilation costs at your facility.

Dabmar machines feature a Easy Change System, which allows the screen panels to be changed or replaced rapidly. Only minimal tools are required as they slide, snap and lock into place.

Other benefits of it’s unique design include: Proven Reliability and a lower maintenance requirement. Due to the Balance Mass Design, the system operates smoothly and there is considerable less wear than a conventional system. No heavy support structure is required and 

this prevents damage and stress cracking associated with the violent force of a single vibrated screen. Dabmar machines have proven themselves over and over for their Efficiency, Reliability, Effectiveness, and minimal down time for service and maintenance.