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Full Life Cycle Support

 At Dabmar we understand that "down-time" is the worse enemy of any material processing operation. As your partner, we are committed to reducing machine downtime to the bare minimum.

The first line of defense is to have a proper design for the task at hand. Our Bivitec machine with it's absolute non-blinding system, eliminates downtime over other machines that require cleaning of the apertures between processing batches. Our innovative Easy Change System allow you to change or replace an existing screen panels instantly without bolts or screws. Our Resonance Machines reduce down time by their low vibration frequency and minimal moving parts. This also cuts down on maintenance cost. In the rare event that critical failure occurs, we have technicians on staff that you can speak to directly in order to diagnose the problem. We have a 100% Spare Parts Program available 24/7 - 365 days a year. So, should you need a part in a hurry, be assured that we stock every part needed to put you back in operation immediately. We are also prepared to dispatch the necessary technical team needed to put your Dabmar machine back in proper service.