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Efficiency and the Dabmar name have become synonymous in many bulk processing and mining industries. Efficiency means many things but ultimately it means higher productivity and lower costs. These are just some of the ways that a Dabmar screening solution is the most efficient system world wide :
>> Screen Effectiveness: Dabmars screens are 90% effective. Meaning more useable product, less waste and less time & energy spent on rescreening.

>> Small Machine Size:, Because of the efficiency, the screen size required to process same amount of material is smaller, resulting in huge saving in delivery costs as well as real estate, housing, heating and ventilation of your screen. 

>> Energy Consumption: Using the Resonance Screen with it's – “Balance Mass design” , the Dabmar screen uses half the motor size of a conventional screen, greatly reducing your electrical costs, power requirements, and switch gear.

>> Reduced vibration: The balance mass design eliminates almost all of the vibration transmitted to the structure. This eliminates the need for large heavy supporting structure, as well as eliminates stress cracking and other wear due to forcefully vibrated machines. This provides a a substantial saving on installation and maintenance of the machine 

>> In Drying Applications the Bivitec Screen Solution is up to 400% more effective at mechanically drying material and results in a huge savings over the use of thermal energy to dry the product.

>> In Washing Applications the Bivitec System provides a much higher amplitude and material stratification resulting in the separation of contaminates by wet processing with less required pressure and volume.

See your Dabmar Representative to discuss your specific applications and put Dabmar innovation and efficiency to work for you.